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CV100 biteplate standard facebow

CV100 biteplate standard facebow

CV100 biteplate standard facebow

The biteplate facebow is a unique appliance. It is also known as a Cervera style bite plate facebow. The biteplate facebow has been recommended for use in the correction of Class II malocclusion with deep overbites. It is used in Class II Division I cases to simultaneously intrude upper and lower anterior teeth, retract upper anterior teeth, and move posterior teeth distally. It is often used in mixed dentition cases. The biteplate facebow is similar in design to the conventional cervical facebow with the addition of an inner bow metal plate. The plate presses against the maxillary incisors and prevents the patient from fully closing, thus acting as a biteplate. The optional retraction elastic is controlled by an optional wire hinge to eliminate tissue impingement.

  • CV100 biteplate standard facebow features a recessed outer bow hook for better comfort and to reduce the chance of facebow getting hooked on bed linens.
  • Outer bow .072″ diameter and 
  • Inner bow .045″ or .051" diameter.
  • 0° offset of the inner bow is default.
  • Unique, Easy to Fit.
  • Each CV100 facebow is packaged in a reusable, clear polyethylene zip-lock bag.
  • Made in USA at our factory

CV100 biteplate standard facebow outer bow sizes:

super short (SS), short (S), regular (R), long with hooks (L) and long no hook (LNHK) are available.

CV100 biteplate standard facebow inner bow sizes:

Size 0-6 inner bows with “U” loops and plain (straight) inner bows.

“U” loop inner bow sizes are 0 (76 mm), 1 (83 mm), 2 (90 mm), 3 (97  mm), 4 (104 mm), 5 (111 mm), and 6 (118 mm).

That’s 40 standard sizes…..many choices

CV100 biteplate standard style facebow item number example:

CV100R3 = standard style regular size outerbow with size 3 innerbow, .045″ diameter innerbow wire.